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The right age for the pregnancy maze 

Babies start to bring happiness to their parents way before they’re born. It happens the moment an expectant mother finds out she’s pregnant.


Jayne Mansfield says “Carrying a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can enjoy.”


Rightfully said. However, to understand the experience better and treat it like a reward, the mother needs to have a mature mind. 

Of course, the optimal time for a woman to get pregnant is when she’s ready—physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially—and this time varies greatly from woman to woman. However, let’s read something about the same biologically and as per the Indian culture.

The average age at which girls experience their first menstrual cycle is around 13 years. Likewise, boys begin to produce semen around 16 years. For their reproductive cells to become complete and more potent, the body requires some more time.

According to the Indian culture, the first quarter of life is spent in learning and education. A person marries between the age of 20 and 25. Ideally, a girl can conceive around 23 years of age. It is believed that a woman should have at least one child before the age of 30.

In addition, after the age of 35, a woman might possibly go through complications during gestation or delivery, and it may also take a longer recovery time. 

All in all, experts and moms agree that there’s really no right answer to the question of “When is the best age to get pregnant?”

Biologically, the answer is probably the early or mid-20s, but innumerable factors must be considered, many of which differ by individual.

In order to have a beautiful pregnancy, normal delivery, and a healthy child, plan for conception at the right age.

Anyway, your best plan of action is to do what feels right for you—whatever that may be.

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