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Garbh sanskar

Garbh + Sanskar is Garbh Sanskar.

Being pregnant is truly one of the most beautiful, wonderful (and hard) experiences you’ll have in your life.

However, being pregnant also means that you pretty instantly become a vessel for advice to just be thrown at you. You have mothers and doctors advising you on what to do and what not to do, some may seem right, some may seem confusing….

Remember, you are not supposed to be in a messy situation right now and hence you have landed in the perfect place.

Pre-conception Introduction

Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood are major life choices that change things in so many ways. Life changes dramatically when you become a parent, so it only makes sense that you’d want to consider more than the physical side of pregnancy when you’re thinking about prenatal care.

Our team focuses on a holistic approach towards pregnancy which considers not only the body but also the mind and spirit, to help women enjoy a pregnancy that is healthy in all ways. Reschedule your life. It is not just the money that you are investing, it is the time that you are investing in yourself to make the best child! You can view our courses at the convenience of your home at any time you need since the classes are pre-recorded in the simplest English language for you! Take the right decision of your life of rescheduling your life with our guidance by clicking on the subscription at just Rs. 499/-.

How can we help?

Pregnancy and childbirth are a major life transition event. It affects your lifestyle, your behaviour, your relationships and values. Hence, it makes sense to consider body, mind and spirit during this crucial time.

A holistic approach is a way of sailing through the pregnancy stage and continuing it through and even after the childbirth. Holistic pregnancy care includes caring for mothers and babies throughout the conception stage including before and after. The need for support and care does not stop as soon as a mother gives birth, and hence our team embraces the holistic method of healthcare that treats the entire person and the baby.

What is holistic approach?

Holistic Pregnancy Includes!

The young brides would get valuable lessons on eating habits, hobbies, and lifestyles from their elders.

Geetha Bafna is the founder of Holistic Pregnancy, holistic prenatal education and birth preparation. She is a passionate, curious, playful and loving Mum. With a decade of experience she has been guiding moms to conceive and remain pregnant with ease. In her course, she enlightens mothers how to become a super mom.

Let’s take an excerpt from one of our course lessons on healthy diet. Have a glance and you will understand how we help you.

“…. Our brains function best when we eat a nutritious and balanced diet. Similarly, Good nutrition during pregnancy can help ensure that your baby gets the best start possible. The food that you eat also sets your emotions. To have a right frame of mind, select food accordingly. Shift from tongue conscious food to health-conscious food. It is traditionally believed that a child’s mental and behavioural development starts as soon as he is conceived. According to Garbha sanskar, your baby is able to sense and respond to outside influences. Hence, your mental state of mind will depend upon the food you eat, and eventually it will affect the baby. If you want your baby to eat healthy rather than junk, you need to eat healthy in the first place, so that the baby is habituated with the same inside the womb itself. There’s nothing more important than the health of your baby. Thus, there’s no better time than now, to start living healthy….”

Effects on your child


If you want your child to be healthy, wealthy, loving, blissful, and spiritual...

then Garbh Sanskar or holistic pregnancy is the tool, the guide, the answer.

The purpose of Garbh Sanskar is to educate the child in the womb. Garbh Sanskar includes month wise ante-natal care, diet and regime plan according to month of pregnancy.

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