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Pre Conception and Conscious Conception

Kind Attention to Newly married couples, Couples who are planning for a baby. This course will help to understand that prenatal care is equally important even before physically conceiving a child. Through our videos lessons, you will be to understand the importance of prenatal bonding; we share how to connect with the new soul residing inside.

Click on the course to relax your fear; embrace and wonder! Nourish your seeds for their longevity, health, health, harmony and clarity of purpose.

Pregnancy – Welcoming your little one in…
Hello, Mother to be Congratulations! You’re pregnant! This course will help you to understand the changes that occur with pregnancy and childbirth affect your whole life along the way and guide you for a better future as a Better Parent.

How proper nutritional diet and physical exercises specific to pregnant women are taught and practiced which help them to deal with discomforts experienced during this time. Our educational sessions help you to understand the needs and requirements of the journey for a healthy pregnancy and parenthood.

Fertile Minds… Fertile Wombs… Fertile Future…

Why Holistic Pregnancy?

Pregnancy: a sacred phase for parents.

Prepare your body for the best divine experience of your life. Pregnancy is the celebration of Love and Life!


Pregnancy is an auspicious and a divine period, celebrate your baby with holistic care. Preparing your body, mind and spirit is as important as preparing your home for a new born.

A Child is a reflection of the parents.

Everything begins from healthy relations between the parents and everything ends with a healthy baby!

Celebrate the miracle of birth in a wholesome manner, and ensure your child's path to success...

Take your health into your own hands and bring a holistic approach to your pregnancy!

Planning for a child can help in planning a child’s future.

A Child is the most precious gift of nature to a couple. It’s important to plan for your baby’s health even before you conceive. To conceive a child happily, it is necessary to take care of your health, fitness and mind.

Healthy living starts with you.

Pre Conception and Conscious Pregnancy – A Journey into your wholeness...

Pregnancy is an experience that all women and men must go through. It is an unforgettable experience that prepares us for the oncoming future.

This Course fuels you with determination to create the healthiest you in the body, mind and spirit. A conscious approach to bond with the soul in your womb.

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Be responsible for your baby’s health, begin now.

Pregnancy - Welcoming your little one in...

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! We know that this time can be extremely exciting yet also overwhelming.

This course will help you and your partner to get ready for labour, birth, breast-feeding and caring for a newborn baby. It will help you feel more confident as the birth approaches. This course will take you through a holistic approach involving physical and mental health, nutrition and diet, fitness and beauty, emotional and spiritual quotient. Here’s to a happier and healthier parenthood!

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